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Design that inspires reaction,
technology that inspires action.

About Us

We are a Los Angeles-based design and technology studio started in 2006 by Levi Brooks and Jason Farrell. We’re a team of twenty designers, developers and strategists.

We invent products, experiences and environments that stimulate imagination and stir action in your audience.

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Who We Are

We are a cohort of designers & developers that create identities and experiences across spaces and screens.

Jason Farrell
CTO / Co-Founder
Bret Morris
Director of Technology
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Michelle Murphy
Director of Operations & Production
Ryan Daniels
Director of Strategy & Copy
Nic Sanchez
Creative Director
Kate Fabrizio
Creative Director
Troy Kreiner
Design Director
Marianna Fierro
Art Director
Ben Kasum
Jr. Art Director
Maxine Tsang
Sr. Designer
Angie Baek
Cornelius Hairston
Software Engineer
Ryan Gordon
Lead Developer
Scott Nguyen
Sr. Developer
Cindy Tong
Mikaela Prydz
Jen Hail
Shawna Mashian
Kara Grossman
Digital Strategist

Our Values

Our values guide everything we do, from who we hire and how we approach work, to the clients we choose and the way we treat people – now and forever.

  1. Work the West Coast Way

    As a studio, we’re born from the passion of those that came before us — from Eames to Shelby to Jobs — and as people, we’re a mindful group that thinks work should be done in a mindful way.

  2. Empower Transparency

    We believe the best work happens in an open forum, where anybody can speak up about anything at any time. When people can truly be the most authentic version of themselves, good work becomes great work.

  3. Embrace the Unknown

    Life is change, and we’re adaptable. That’s how we evolve and improve. We fear no challenge, and we say “Yes, we can,” even when we’re not yet sure how we will. Our intellect is only matched by our optimism.

  4. Go Beyond the Expected

    We love knowing that we’ve given people more than was asked for, sometimes even more than they knew they wanted. Our standards are exceedingly high, yet we work hard every single day to exceed them.

  5. Engage the Community

    Inspiration begins outside. As a studio, we stay active in the arts and technology communities. We host and attend events and stay conversant in what’s happening at the fringes of our disciplines, then we bring it to life in our work.