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Design that inspires reaction,
technology that inspires action.

About Us

We are a Los Angeles-based design and technology studio started in 2006 by Levi Brooks and Jason Farrell. We’re a team of 25 designers, developers and strategists.

We invent products, experiences and environments that stimulate imagination and stir action in your audience.

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Who We Are

We are a cohort of designers & developers that create identities and experiences across spaces and screens.

Portrait of Jason Farrell
Jason Farrell
CTO / Co-Founder
Portrait of Bret Morris
Bret Morris
Director of Technology
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Portrait of Michelle Hodge
Michelle Hodge
Managing Director
Portrait of Kate Fabrizio
Kate Fabrizio
Creative Director
Portrait of Ryan Daniels
Ryan Daniels
Director of Strategy & Copy
Portrait of Troy Curtis Zaretsky-Kreiner
Troy Curtis Zaretsky-Kreiner
Design Director
Portrait of Ben Kasum
Ben Kasum
Art Director
Headshot of Maxine Tsang
Maxine Tsang
Art Director
Portrait of Andrew McQuiston
Andrew McQuiston
Associate Art Director
Portrait of Cornelius Hairston
Cornelius Hairston
Software Engineer
Portrait of Ryan Gordon
Ryan Gordon
Lead Developer
Photo of Kerry Gilbert
Kerry Gilbert
Lead Developer
Headshot of Cindy Tong
Cindy Tong
Sr. Developer
Headshot of Mikaela Prydz
Mikaela Prydz
Headshot of Jen Hail
Jen Hail
Sr. Developer
Portrait of Kara Grossman
Kara Grossman
Sr. Producer
Portrait of Justin Alters
Justin Alters
Production Coordinator
Portrait of Jep Alaba
Jep Alaba
Lead Developer
Portrait of Boro Vukovic
Boro Vukovic
Portrait of Hunter Walls
Hunter Walls
Sr. Designer
Portrait of Jacob Goodman
Jacob Goodman
Sr. Designer
Portrait of Maleno Braun
Maleno Braun
Production Coordinator
Portrait of Amanda Guo
Amanda Guo
Jr. Designer
Portrait of Jules Cohen
Jules Cohen
Jr. Designer

Our Values

Our values guide everything we do, from who we hire and how we approach work, to the clients we choose and the way we treat people – now and forever.

  1. Work the West Coast Way

    Collaborate with us and you’ll feel the rare and delicate balance between expertise and ease that guides us. Tension and toxicity are non-grata here. Are we inspired by those that laid the stones for us? Constantly. Are we always looking to improve, iterate and innovate? Oh yeah. Do we leave ego at the door? You better believe it.

  2. Stay Cool, Stick Together

    At Use All Five, we think unilaterally with a balance of honesty and empathy. When each voice wields power, we craft better work and sustain more meaningful relationships with each other and with clients, and then those clients keep coming back. It’s nice.

  3. Take the Scenic Route

    Our studio is made up of people who can’t stop searching, questioning and crossing the boundary lines of disciplines to learn even more. For us, embracing the unknown creates an irresistible high, and comfort zones are uncomfortable. We tinker, we learn, we play, and then we grow.

  4. Give More, Go Further

    We believe in giving people more than was asked for, and we leave our mark by thinking beyond the brief, saving time for play and pushing to be kinder, more patient and more memorable as people and collaborators. Co-learning with clients isn’t something we see as optional.

  5. Make Room at the Table

    We aspire to create an environment that reflects the world outside, and we proactively participate in the cultural big-picture by breaking bread, listening, mentoring and staying humble. We’re fortunate to be welcomed by the arts and technology communities and passionate about saving space at our table for all who inspire or seek inspiration.