Google - News Initiative Website Design + Development

Helping Google empower the individuals who provide our news to tell better, more accurate stories

A website image is displayed with a blue background. On the website is navigation calling it a Training Center with links to Courses, Tools, Extra Resources, Fellowship and an avatar icon with the name Kate and a search icon. The body of the website is a Multimedia Storytelling course with 3 lessons displayed out of 10 total.


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A hand is on a trackpad of a laptop. To the right of the laptop is a coffee mug, to the left is a stack of magazines. On the laptop is a website with Courses and icons.

The Ask

The News industry has endured tremendous highs and lows over the past five years. Changes in technology, politics and worldwide issues have spun both a negative light and heightened importance on news.  

Google has a family of tools for Journalists and Newsrooms around the globe, and they wanted to consolidate the narrative around their impact in order to help reporters and journalists tell better, more informed stories using these resources.

They reached out to Use All Five in 2015 to create the first iteration of the “News Lab” – an online learning center geared toward teaching Journalists how to use Google tools in reporting. We have continually iterated on and improved the Training Site over the past 5 years.

An image of a website is on a green background. It is Kate's dashboard for the Training Center, with her information on the left side, and her progress on several courses - The Fundamentals, Multimedia Storytelling, YouTube, Publishing & Monetization, Verification, Safety & Security on the right. There is also a message that she is 40% complete through Multimedia Storytelling and should keep going

The Action

Google News Initiative Training Center is an interactive experience that gives journalists and entrepreneurs the opportunity to innovate in their field. Collaborating with the Google team, we created a site that provides instructions and access to tools for editorial success.

This online education platform builds classes around topical digital tools - such as Data and Environmental Journalism - and new courses launch quarterly. The mobile-friendly site is localized to 16 languages so Journalists can access this content anywhere.

A monitor is on a white desk with a plant to the right, a keyboard and mouse in front, and a corner of the California flag behind it. On the monitor is a website with a list of Google Tools.

The Result

We partner closely with Google to continually improve the Training Center and create new learning products for newsrooms. Over time we’ve extended the amount of lessons taken per session and kept consistent lesson and quiz completion rates as the user base grows. 

Google enjoys working with us so much that they gave us ownership of the Google News Initiative main site in 2018, and we’ve continued to build on that platform as well as Google responds to real-world implications and grows as a company and brand.

We’ve also expanded our work to build a suite of interactive tools for GNI to help journalists better understand their data. As part of our relationship with the GNI, we create marketing assets and materials for all of these properties.