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Creating a digital dashboard to prepare you for the biggest day of your life

The Groom's Guide: Music and Dancing


The Groom’s Guide had become the gold-standard for a rapidly evolving mentality on the modern wedding, but it needed to become a new kind of resource, one that was more interactive and more easily accessible. We helped turn the contemporary bible of betrothal into an online experience that instilled confidence both before and on the big day.

The Ask

Black Tux, a new alternative to traditional tuxedo and suit rental outlets, was in the process of reimagining the experience of picking the perfect outfit for the big day. They’d written The Groom’s Guide to help their customers plan a wedding they could be proud of, and together we needed to adapt The Groom’s Guide for the web, reimagining the flow and structure of content in a way that made sense for the interactivity of the screen.

The Groom's Guide on a desktop

The Action

We translated print into a scannable digital reading experience, molding the Guide’s chapters into vertically scrollable overview pages—demarcating items with color coding—to allow readers to peruse each chapter’s contents without getting overwhelmed. This simple and streamlined mobile design made life easier for grooms on-the-go.

The Result

A comprehensive yet easily digestible resource for those on the verge of marriage, the digital Groom’s Guide helped The Black Tux solidify its standing as the gold standard for an element of the wedding industry that was once swept under the rug. With utilitarian and sartorial advice that skews more contemporary, The Black Tux is able to bring grooms up to speed and demystify the process, bringing joy instead of stress, and helping grooms look sharp on their big day.

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