Bonobos - Evolve the Definition Website Design + Development

Creating a digital experience that reframes masculinity


We partnered with Bonobos to formulate a response that gathered the voices of over 170 men in different areas of the country. We built an interactive website in light of the 2018 ESPYs that features these voices through individuals testimonials.

Model on laptop looking at the evolve the definition website.

Redefining masculinity

In tandem with the launch of a 90-minute documentary created by Bonobos’ in-house agency, we created a microsite that expanded on the limitations of our warped conceptions of masculinity in a time when these terms need to be consistently challenged to develop more inclusivity, respect, and mutual care. Taking Bonobos’ founding mission (“fit for every man”) as a stepping stone, we asked men around the country to describe their definition of masculinity.

An interactive digital experience

With the hashtag #EvolveTheDefinition, you can join the men featured on our website by adding to our expanding bank of synonyms that you associate with masculinity. If you’re looking for inspiration but don’t want to contribute, just click on one of the featured videos to watch and listen to men like you discuss their views and aspirations. #EvolvetheDefinition won the YouTube Ad of the Year “That Rewrites the Rules.”

Bonobos website screen shot with submitted keywords.

Our hope

We hope that, regardless of who you are, where you live, what your sexuality is, and what gender you identify with, you’ll find solace in the fact that thousands of men around the country are striving to broaden our perception of masculinity. Instead of sticking to imposed notions of virility, aggressivity, and machoism, we encourage you and those around you to think a step further.

Screenshot of blog post page of Bonobos project.