SproutLA - Auburn Website Design + Development

Translating a contemporary American-inspired dining experience to a dynamic digital experience


When Auburn Chef Eric Bost opened his restaurant, he had the idea to create a space that married function and conviviality, design with experience, and food with beauty. Partnering with Klein Agency, a Los Angeles-based furniture studio, Bost erected a restaurant space that felt like a home away from home.

The Ask

Use All Five was called in to bring the magic of an intricately-curated space into a fluid, functional, and interactive digital experience. We collaborated with Bost and the restaurant group Sprout LA to develop a website that would not only elevate the restaurant’s current DNA, but encourage and facilitate an online understanding of the story behind the restaurant, integrating existing branding that was a collaboration between Folklore photographer Nicole Franzen.

The Action

The first step to designing a website of this caliber was understanding precisely what makes up the fine balance between objects and food, guest experience and staff, vision and practice. 

The menu is organized around liberty, designed a la carte. The furniture is custom-made, and locally-sourced–so much is in the details. 

With that in mind, we introduced a website that offered flexibility, airy navigation, and an exciting user experience. We tried to capture the mood of the space, a ton of natural light and extending lines connecting the architecture and materials. 

Auburn’s menu is based on four-, six-, or nine-course meals that promote a choose your own adventure eating experience. We created a website that was easily digestible and featured just enough for the prospective restaurant-goer to get their appetite curious and their senses peaked.

The Result

The restaurant opened its doors on March 15, 2019. Our website helps customers navigate what lies ahead, with clear calls to action to book a reservation, useful biographical information about the award-winning chef and team, as well as a transparent exposé of how the restaurant was built and conceived.