How We Use Prismic CMS to Power Beautiful, Searchable, Accessible Websites

By Jason Farrell on

Our design and development teams were welcomed by the hosts of Prismic's YouTube Channel to discuss why we advise so many clients to use their CMS. We walked through our process, from discovery and strategy, to design, to development and launch using our recent work for Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art as a case study.

From deep search functionality, to beautifully expressive code that brings the nuances pf design and motion to life, Prismic makes it possible for our agency to do unique and magical things while guaranteeing that we set our clients up for sustained success with an ultra-usable content management system that can grow with them.

This is a great inside look at how we manage and organize slices and collaborate between design and development to ensure that the finer points of an experience are fully realized in the end result.

Prismic's CMS is particularly amazing at helping our team create websites for museums and institutions with demanding archival elements. You can read more about that in our recent piece about why we're big believers in doing work for institutions.

In just the past year, we've had the privilege of working in Prismic on some of our favorite sites, including New-York Historical Society, NBBJ and Kemper. But perhaps the most flattering proof point is that Prismic is what we unanimously chose to manage our own Use All Five website relaunch.

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