Why You Didn’t See It Coming and Encoded Mirrors

By Levi Brooks on


Why You Didn’t See It Coming: You don’t see it coming. You probably couldn’t if you tried. The effects of large changes in scale are frequently beyond our powers of perception, even our imagination. They seem to emerge out of nowhere

Experts In The Field Of Fakery: According to an in-depth survey recently carried out by the American art fraud specialist and analyst Colette Loll – one of those leading the fight back – an astonishing one third of all art offered on online auction sites is intentionally deceptive.

Why We’re Still Obsessed With The 1970s New York Of Lou Reed And Patti Smith: Whether it’s Smith’s gritty memoirs or the imagination of Garth Risk Hallberg, the scary and exhilarating old New York still looms large

The Life And Death Of The Creative Computer Virus: There was a time when viruses were more playful and made their presence known with creative and occasionally funny graphics or animations via “payloads.


WWoCC: An A-Z style book with the purpose of introducing kids to code.

Google’s Contact Lenses: In a patent granted this month, Google shows off plans to build contact lenses that are powered by and communicate through light pulses.


Encoded Mirrors: Using an array of mirrors, Berlin-based interaction designer Florian Born turns Kandinsky’s Yellow-Red-Blue into Mondrian’s Composition with Large Blue Plane, Red, Black, Yellow, and Gray.

Know Your Clouds: A surprisingly poetic educational film about the ten basic cloud types and their distinct shapes, shades, and altitudes.

Rare Bauhaus Postcards: These vintage postcards were designed by Bauhaus masters and students to announce their first exhibition in Weimer in 1923.

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