Hey Levi, What Do You Do?!

By Levi Brooks on

Levi Brooks is the co-founder and CEO of Use All Five, and he wears many hats throughout the workweek, jumping in on design projects and contributing to code. People often ask him what his job entails as CEO, so we did too.

Do people get what you do? If not, what’s the most often heard misinterpretation?
Generally speaking, most people get what I do. They’ve worked with someone who has had to lead things at their company or organization. I feel good leadership has consistency across different groups --- no matter if it’s a big organization or a friend group. 

What’s your elevator pitch to describe what you do?
I’m in charge of leading the studio but more importantly, strategizing the big picture, hiring the best people, and winning work for the studio. 

How would you describe what you do if it was your best friend asking?
I have a lot of meetings and have to make a lot of decisions which (hopefully) lead the company down a successful path. 

If someone were to ask at the end of a long day at work, how would you describe the day you just had? 
A million little meetings with a million little side slack/chat/text conversations, all building up to something bigger. 

The pinnacle of great work
Me steering the team
Our clients

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