Hey Kara, What Do You Do?!

By Kara Grossman on

Kara Grossman is a digital strategist at Use All Five, but she wasn't always. In her past life, Kara was a restaurant publicist, affording her a delicate touch with clients and internal priorities. People always ask Kara what she does for work, so we thought we would too.

Do people get what you do? If not, what’s the most often heard misinterpretation?
Not really. When I worked in public relations, everyone thought I wrote articles about my clients. Now people think that I make websites, which isn’t really accurate, but it’s on the right track.

What’s your elevator pitch to describe what you do?
I do strategy and production at a digital design studio. For the strategy part, I work with the team to dig deep into the brand/company and its peer landscape to identify and differentiate its place in the market. In production I help our designers and developers create beautiful and exciting products for our clients.

How would you describe what you do if it was your best friend asking?
I help create brand vision for our clients, and I work with our production team to help keep their work streamlined and efficient. 

If someone were to ask at the end of a long day at work, how would you describe the day you just had?
I'd probably lay on the floor and tell them about all of the back-to-back calls I was on all day.

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