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Our Inspiration

The overlooked and unsexy part of creative work is the process and the research. Hours spent asking “why” and hoping that the “what” aligns with the former.

Knowledge ends up on post-it notes, scrap paper, white boards, and then is eventually lost. Instead of confining the collective wisdom to studios and offices, it’s important to ask how can it live and breathe in the open? How can it come to the forefront of conversation? How can it be shared with the community? is an opportunity for creatives working in digital to come together for an evening of conversation, connection, and inspiration. Understanding how creative work is impacted by technology, helps bring into the focus the context in which work is created.

Why Culture and Technology

When culture and technology are mentioned in the same breath, Tesla, Bladerunner, smartphones, Oculus Rift, Ray Kurzweil, and Internet are ideas that come to mind. The very visible and pop culture intersections of culture and technology are often referred to as “Big C” culture.

While it’s easy to train a spotlight on “Big C” culture, “little c” culture such as non-verbal communication or social norms are often the less visible supporting cast members. Last week, Levi wrote an excellent post outlining how “little c” culture can be a disruptive force for startups. Which begged the question of what are the overlooked aspects of “little c” culture and “Big C” culture that affect and are affected by technology?

While a question of “What smartphone do you prefer?” can reveal the socio-political views of a person. The overlooked tedium of everyday life can be just as revealing. What app do you open first thing in the morning? Do you pragmatically check your email? Do you SnapChat a makeupless morning selfie? Do you live a vicarious hangover with last nights #drunk Instagram?

Looking at “Big C” and “little c” culture through the lens of technology is a level playing field for creatives of all disciplines to engage in conversation.

The Community

As digital is simultaneously broadened and specialized, the creative community is increasingly fractured, in geography as well as discipline. The hope is that the series can be a third place for digital creatives in Los Angeles and those just passing through.

We hope to see you there.

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