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UCLA Arts & Architecture Website


UCLA’s School of Arts and Architecture recently celebrated its 100th year anniversary with an ambitious fundraising campaign.

In tandem with these efforts, we helped UCLA Arts relaunch their website with an exciting redesign.

The new content-rich layout focuses visitors on the bevy of activities and voices that give the school its vibrancy. Visitors can find what they’re looking for more easily than ever–toggling between the “Features” and “Calendar” View, filtering by category or arts program, or merely scrolling down the page to encounter something new.

This stream of featured content is centered between navigation bars on either side of the screen. On the left, clicking “UCLA Arts Community” leads to social media updates from the School’s various counterparts. On the right, “UCLA Arts Resources” leads to the evergreen information about the school. Slick details, such as the smooth transitions between sections, redesigned parking maps, or delicate blue and gold progress bars, affirm the school’s tie to the university while keeping the website contemporary and functional.

UCLA Arts - Artwork Detail: American Qur'an
UCLA Arts - Campus Map Detail
Tablet and Mobile view of UCLA Arts Website Design
UCLA Arts - Artwork Detail: Endless Arena
UCLA Arts Header