Use All Five Squiggle Graphic

Sidecar Shared Rides


The #cheaperthan Sidecar Shared Rides campaign uses humor to create memorable messages.

The campaign targeted frivolous and hilarious everyday consumer purchases that were relatable as well humorous. From the #cheaperthan message, we created a campaign that lives across channels, from in-car challenges printed on gum wrappers to a digital mad-lib generator that drives sharing across social media.

Social Twitter-based contest for Sidecar Shared Rides
Sidecar CheaperThan campaign branding
Sidecar Shared Rides illustration designed by Use All Five
A collection of Tweets entered in the social contest. Designed and developed by Use All Five.
Sidecar CheaperThan stickers designed by Use All Five
Sidecar CheaperThan icon set designed by Use All Five
Close up of branding details designed by Use All Five for Sidecar.
Posters for Sidecar Shared Rides designed by Use All Five