Use All Five Squiggle Graphic



RHYMES is a game-like iOS app that pairs storybook video imagery with spelling and phonetics.

Use All Five teamed up with filmmakers Will Hoffman, Julius Metoyer, and Daniel Mercadante to create the app, challenging players to identify simple objects and actions with one simple clue: it all rhymes.

The overall concept came from one of Everynone’s original videos WORDS. You may have to watch it more than once, but there are at least a half-dozen words hiding in the original video.

Our responsibilities extended through every aspect of the final experience, including the design and movement of the minimalistic UI, as well as the development of the app itself. Speech recognition technology allows users the option to guess the rhyme aloud or spell it out with the keyboard.

So what are you waiting for…can you rhyme video? Download RHYMES now.

iPad showing Rhymes App title screen
iPad showing in app purchases grid design
Screen shot of the word game developed by Use All Five
iPhone view of an error state in the word game design
Icon graphics designed for Rhymes by Use All Five
View of the storybook video imagery in the app
Footage of trees from Rhymes
Footage of a falling man from an in-app purchase
iPad showing grid of storybook videos designed by Use All Five