Use All Five Squiggle Graphic

One Hour Per Second


Google Creative Lab, Use All Five, and Punk & Butler teamed up together to turn YouTube's fascinating statistics into vivacious animations.

The One Hour Per Second campaign allows us to visualize exactly what time would be like in “YouTube time.” For example, if time moved as quickly as video is uploaded to YouTube, the International Space Station would complete one Orbit around the Earth in 1.5 seconds, a bamboo plant grows 6 feet in 48 seconds, the world’s fastest texter thumbs 1 million characters in 2 min and 5 seconds, etc. As fun facts like these appear on the website as whimsical animations, the clock ticks away and we are able to put the idea into perspective as each video translates into real-time.

How did we help visualize this? Well, in order to add a sense of space, we placed the animations on layers that scrolled at different speeds, resulting in parallax as new animations scroll in. The animations were built in Flash, but delivered to modern browsers with HTML5. In addition to the time based scrolling animations, we added the ability for people to change the language on the fly! Users are delivered a translation based on the language setting of their computer, and can switch at any point without refreshing.

Equivalent to a century of virtual time, we are confident that you will enjoy the One Hour Per Second online campaign’s playful animations.