Use All Five Squiggle Graphic

Plant a Tweet


Never Stop Improving. That was the idea that BBDO put forward as a way to set Lowe’s apart from its national competitors. Use All Five was asked to collaborate on a spring campaign that would leverage Lowe’s rapidly growing online presence.

A socially driven site grown entirely through viral interactions, Plant a Tweet was literally created to “grow” Lowe’s online brand. With a few simple clicks, Lowe’s fans were able to compose tweets using simple ASCII characters that resembled parts of a flower (stem, leaf, bud). After creating their very own original plant, visitors were able to share their colorful creation with friends on Twitter, Pinterest, and Foursquare as they watched a social garden grow, inevitably increasing Lowe’s community.

While the garden provided a beautiful brand opportunity, Lowe’s still needed a way to reward visitors for growing a tweet amongst their social sphere. BBDO and Use All Five chose to gamify the experience by giving away a $10 gift card for the first 10,000 visitors whose plants reached 50 points. Gamifying the garden created not only a sense of urgency amongst visitors, but also encouraged interest in Lowe’s Home Improvement.

Aside from the technical hurdles involved with building a system entirely on third party APIs (Twitter, Pinterest, and Foursquare), we were able to go one step further to push the envelope of technology by simulating a Flash-like experience entirely in HTML5 with the use of the HTML5 canvas and the awesome Paper.js framework. In the end, an experimental concept paired with experimental technology, not only pushed Lowe’s far ahead of its competitors in the digital space, it also forced Use All Five to never stop improving.