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Hype My Hangout


Use All Five was tapped by Google to help conceptualize and develop the core of Hype My Hangout - a simple intuitive interface that records a custom video to promote a Google+ Hangout.

Since the launch of Google+, we’ve worked hand-in-hand with the Google Creative Lab to strategize ways to promote and evangelize it’s power and social utility. Hype My Hangout began life as a prototype asking one question: What if you could promote your hangout with a customized video? In search for an answer, we teamed up with Jenn Mann and the Google Creative Lab to do just that. The key concept here being that there is a one-to-one relationship between what the user sees and the end product.

The tool itself appears fairly simple, but in reality it’s fairly complex. A robust Flash recording tool sits on top of a custom configured Flash Media server to record the actual video from a user’s webcam. The video is then fed through a custom compiled version of ffmpeg to handle both video and audio overlay.

Finally, the video is exported to the users YouTube channel and a media kit of custom banner images are generated for the user to promote their Hangout across their social media properties. The end result is a fully encapsulated promotional tool for both Google+ power users and newbies to share their Hangouts with the world.