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The Source

Doug Aitken

Our challenge was to embody artist Doug Aitken's film installation, The Source, in a digital experience.

We built a site that features the film content while providing an opportunity to explore the relationships and deeper meanings of creativity.

The US premiere of The Source film installation was installed at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival. The installation is housed in a temporary outdoor pavilion designed by UK architect David Adjaye in collaboration with Doug Aitken. Within the pavilion, six films are projected at once pulling from a database of a few dozen films. The accompanying Source site we conceived of and designed launched with the US premiere of the work at Sundance.

The content of the films consists of a ongoing series of curated conversations between Doug Aitken and creative minds across a variety of fields. Use All Five’s piece of the project extended the reach of the work to those who are unable to experience the installation in person. Our digital incarnation of the content also afforded us the opportunity to visualize common themes across the various conversations. Just as a viewer can move around the pavilion in person, our site allows viewers to follow the thread of common themes between films.

One of our team’s favorite aspects of the project was the close partnerships we developed with Doug Aitken’s team and our development partners at Active Theory. We collaborated with Doug Aitken’s team shape the site concept and design around the content of the overall work. During the development phase, our Creative Technologists worked closely with Active Theory’s team to iterate and improve the site.

William Eggelston and Doug Aitken in conversation
The SOURCE pavilion at the Sundance Film Festival
Doug Aitken and Paolo Soleri in conversation
Desktop showing James Turrell speaking alongside infographic navigation
Tilda Swinton speaking
Lucky Dragons speaking
The SOURCE film
Beck closeup in SOURCE interview
Desktop showing responsive web design graphics created by UseAllFive