Use All Five Squiggle Graphic

Chunks for a Change

Ben & Jerry’s

Use All Five and Silver + Partners teamed up create an awesome interactive story book for Ben & Jerry's. Chunks for a Change tells the stories that go into each pint of ice cream, from farm fresh Vermont dairy to cage free eggs.

Chunks for a Change is a new breed of web sites that puts modern browsers first, while gracefully degrading to for legacy browsers. All animations were accomplished with Google’s experimental Swiffy technology that relies on a combination of the HTML canvas tag to replicate Flash animations for modern browsers.

Building on our knowledge from both Google’s One Hour a Second and Awesome World, we further pushed the boundaries of Swiffy but enabling communication between multiple Swiffys. Cross-Swiffy communication allowed us to create a near Flash-like rich experience without the need for Flash.

Some of the key takeaways were that while iOS browsers do support HTML5 animation, the overhead required to support them it still not there. Further optimization is required and some instances not possible, however as an experimental technology it does give a glimpse of what is possible and what is to come.