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The Power of Outrospection and the Secret World of NSA Art

Take a look at some of the latest ideas, products, and visuals for the week of June 14th brought to you by our strategists, designers, and developers.


The Power Of Outrospection: The introspection of our era of self-help and therapy may make us less empathetic, but we must change that to progress.

A Great Curator Beats Any Big Company’s Algorithm: David Byrne considers its role in the supremacy of human ‘curators/ over algorithmic recommendation, writing in the New Statesman.

Stop Designing For Millennials: Millennials, like all generational cohorts, have as much that divides as unites. Treating them as a homogenous entity is likely to fail—or worse—backfire.

The Digital World Has Made Performers Of Us All: The best writing online does more than put beautifully turned phrases on a screen — it performs ideas in digital space.


Free: A light way app to share how available you are at any given moment.

Type To Design: A charming new web app that turns Instagram pics into typography.

Mr. Mood: The app will help you see if you’re having too many frowny days so you can ask yourself if maybe it’s time for a change.


Inside The Secret World Of NSA Art: New Zealand artist Simon Denny selected a variety of graphics found in Snowden documents and set about incorporating them into a series of meticulously detailed installations that took him about 18 months to complete.

Otto: The chalkboard robot draws a selection of artifacts from the rich history of people working at the intersection of art, design and technology: work notes, diagrams, sketches and research.

Why Was Drive Colorful?: Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn, the maestro behind cinema’s neon resurgence, is color-blind.

Levi Brooks is the CEO/Co-founder of Use All Five.
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