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The Potential Societal Impact of Virtual Reality and GIF-Powered News

Take a look at some of the latest ideas, products, and visuals for the week of April 27th brought to you by our strategists, designers, and developers.


Can Virtual Reality Make Us More Human?: “Talking about virtual reality is like dancing about architecture,” jokes award-winning filmmaker Chris Milk, but in his 2015 TED Talk, released today on YouTube, he does it anyway. Virtual reality, he explains, can change the world.

Mixed Signals: Why People Misunderstand Each Other: The psychological quirks that make it tricky to get an accurate read on someone’s emotions

The Mortality Paradox: Our awareness of ourselves, of the future and of alternative possibilities enables us to adapt and make sophisticated plans. But it also gives us a perspective on ourselves that is at the same time terrifying and baffling.

Why Is The Heart Symbol So Anatomically Incorrect?: The anatomically incorrect heart (♥) — a symbol at once cherished by teenage texters and detested by crusaders of medical accuracy.


Voatz: A mobile-only election voting platform that lets people vote from the luxury of wherever they’d like.

Chhirp: An app that will let you upload 12-sec sound clips on Twitter instead of just the traditional 140 characters.

SpyWatch: Be the head of your own spy agency in the brand new game designed specifically for the Apple Watch.


4NewsWall: Channel 4 launched a brand new online news platform that delivers the day’s stories for the first time in bite-sized, shareable GIFs – hosted on Tumblr.

Krass Journal #1: The magazine is dedicated to curiosity, to the idea of raising questions instead of pushing a particular point of view on a reader.

PlayStation’s WipEout: Dominic Szablewski has succeeded in porting levels from cult PlayStation racing game WipEout, which was first released in 1995, into a browser-compatible format.

Minecraft Fans Invited To Design A National Park: Kids encouraged to use videogame to visualize their dream park, with $8.9m allotted to winning design’s execution.

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