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Real World Problems and Typography from the Umbrella Movement

Take a look at some of the latest ideas, products, and visuals for the week of November 24th brought to you by our strategists, designers, and developers.


Solving Real World Problems
As the VP of Intercom, Paul Adams aims to identify user problems. The takeaway: instead of obsessing about the technology itself, we should focus on what it can be used for.

Landing On A Comet, 317 Million Miles From Home
A photographic process of how Philae’s probe landed on the comet.

The Design Report By Essen International
A deep-dive into the rapid changes created by tech and man.

Why People Keep Trying To Erase The Hollywood Sign From Google Maps
How homeowners near the Hollywood sign attempted to remove it from the internet.


Soon, Your Clothes Could Be Made By Algae
“Algaemy” aims to replace hazardous chemicals in clothing with friendly single-celled organisms.

Google’s Project Ara Team Is Testing A Module That Can Track Your Blood Oxygen Level
Google’s modular phone is an opportunity for developing life-changing personal technologies.

Museum Audio Tours Match Your Mood Via App
The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam provides an app that tailors a tour based people’s current mood. For example, if someone arrives calm, it’ll avoid leading them to loud and colorful pieces.

Studiomobile Builds Jellyfish Barge For Sustainable Crop Cultivation
A floating agricultural greenhouse that is able to purify salt, brackish or polluted water using solar energy.


Words Of The Umbrella Movement
In a city where the majority of writing is finger scribbled on the screen of a smartphone, Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement has developed into an unexpected platform for handwriting and handmade typography.

Witness A Drone’s Eye View Of Chernobyl’s Urban Decay
An up-close look at the radioactive city, including marvelous drone footage.

Sony Thanks Thousands Of Designers From All Over The World
In 1981 Sony asked designers all over the world to design a new logo for the brand. This is how they thanked them.

Deutsche & Japaner Interrogate Their Relationship To The Nike Air Force 1
A creative exploration about the “venture all about meeting objects with a personal interpretation, transforming its function and creating narratives”.

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