Check out our Photoshop action that lets you quickly export out selected layers into a new file.

When designing for the web, I often need to take pieces from bigger PSDs and create smaller Photoshop files out of them.

My typical process involves creating a new file—one equal in size to the document I’m working on—and then dragging all the selected layers over. Afterwards, I go through a handful of more time-consuming steps to crop it to the contents.

Thankfully, after some research, I was able to streamline the process. I recorded a Photoshop action to accomplish the task in a single click!

May 14th Update: Now includes an additional action that exports guides to the new file.

Install the Action
Download: New File From Selected Layer529 bytes

First Step: Select Your Layers
In this case, I want to grab the red shape and the “Flying Standby” logotype.

Second Step: Run the Action
Select the “New File From Selected Layers” action, press the play button.

The layers open up in a new file, cropped to fit around the layers.

Jason Farrell is the CTO/Co-founder of Use All Five.
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