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Making Connections and the Godfather of Neon

Take a look at some of the latest ideas, products, and visuals for the week of January 27th brought to you by our strategists, designers, and developers.

What Makes Architecture A Human Experience: A commentary on what architecture is, how it makes us feel and how we experience it.

Susan Kare On How Everyday Objects Made Computing Personal: What it was like to design for one of the earliest graphical user interfaces and why her creations have persisted over the past few decades.

Your Next Status Update: Your STDs: Using hook-up or dating sites? This paid service helps match people who are STD-free, and awards badges for people who stay up-to-date getting tested.

Make Connections: Being able to make connections between ideas and knowledge we hold in our memories can help us to think more creatively and produce higher quality work.

Fixed: A recently launched service that will contest parking tickets with minimal effort from the offender.

Sooshi: An app with tons of information about what sushi is, how to prepare sushi and where to find the best sushi place.

Ergo: An app that lets you sign into your phone not with a PIN or a swipe pattern, but by touching your ear to the screen.

The ‘Godfather of Neon’: Chris Bracey and his neon light exhibits for the Art exhibtion ‘Liverpool Love’ curated by Christian Furr at the Museum of Liverpool 2012.

Selfie: The documentary examines how social media has become a powerful influencer on the ideals women put upon their own physical appearances.

The New York Filming Locations Of The Godfather, Then And Now: The Godfather actually presents a fascinating record of what 1940s-era New York City locations still existed in the early-1970s. Sadly, many of them are now gone. What still remains?

Levi Brooks is the CEO/Co-founder of Use All Five.
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