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How to Leverage Snapchat Creatively for your Organization

There are only a handful of organizations utilizing Snapchat, and most of them don’t use it to its full potential. This is a huge opportunity for your company to eclipse every brand out there.

How people use Snapchat

We’ve talked to plenty of brands about using snapchat as part of their digital strategy, but the overwhelming response has been confusion. Some think their audience isn’t there, some think it’s only for teens, some just have never used it and have no idea how it works.

And we can’t blame them. It’s a newcomer to the social media game and the interface is more intuitive for young people that don’t mind playing around with it and potentially making mistakes. But with an audience base nearing 200 million, we’re way past the point of brands being early adopters. Now we’re at the point where if you’re not on board, you “don’t get it”.

The Benefits

– Your followers give your message their undivided attention

– Your brand will feel like a friend, and therefore be much more influential than other forms of advertising

– It facilitates immediate engagement

What People Share and Do on Snapchat

– Humor

– Secrets

– Communicate emotions

– Sharing fun things

– Bragging

– Nonsense

By now there are plenty of articles that can show you how to use Snapchat (and trust me – you’ll figure it out). But once you’re staring at that screen facing a form of advertiser’s writer’s block, take a look at the strategies and awesome brand examples below to see how you can use this thing effectively.


Give your Audience Humor and be Topical

LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) stays on point by mashing up current pop-culture references with the museum’s artwork. Bonus points for creating a Geofilter that allows users to add their logo to snaps when people are at their location.

LACMA Humor on Snapchat


Games and Contests

Give your audience something to do: scavenger hunt, best snap award, screenshot coupons, etc. You’re not the only one pushing boundaries and figuring out what to do with the app. Users want opportunities to explore what Snapchat has to offer, you might as well be the one to spur them to action.
Grubhub Snapchat Contest


Give away things that seem secretive: announcements, passwords, early access, gossip, etc. Despite the boom in users, Snapchat still feels like the most exclusive social channel. If you release teasers or early access elsewhere, it’s too easy to transfer it to new places.
Brands releasing secrets on Snapchat

Sharable Content

Everyone on Snapchat knows you can take screenshots with it, so encourage this behavior. Taco Bell released Valentines Day cards through Snapchat which encouraged people to take a screenshot and share.
Doritos Snapchat Valentine

Get Candid

Snap behind the scenes footage and CEO/Employees being human. We’ve already seen some brands doing this on Instagram, but it simply doesn’t compare to the possibilities on Snapchat. With the self-destruct format and all of the options to create amateurish doodles on your work, Snapchat comes across as real as a handwritten letter.
Famous People on Snapchat being candid

Prompt a Reaction or Action

Your message is about to self destruct, therefore give your audience a call to action: have them create something and snap it back or share it, get to your store and snap a shot, show us your favorite ______.
Emoji Challenge on Snapchat
Ultimately, Snapchat is the place to break the rules, be edgy, and to get creative with storytelling. You’ll have the viewer’s immediate attention and with these tips, you can manufacture immediacy for instantaneous engagement.

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Jason Farrell is the CTO/Co-founder of Use All Five.
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