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Hacking Street View and the History of the Trapper Keeper

Take a look at some of the latest ideas, products, and visuals for the week of September 23rd brought to you by our strategists, designers, and developers.

Venue ‘Hacks’ Google to Inject Light-Shows: La Bifurk is a skatepark/concert venue in Grenoble, France. When you take a gander at it on Google Street View, you’ll notice that the virtual tour is not a simple peek inside of the venue, but rather an art project in its own right.

15 Must-See Slow-Motion iPhone 5S Videos: With more than 9 million iPhones sold in its opening weekend, and most of those expected to be the 5S, there are going to be a lot of slow-motion videos floating around.

Jeff Skoll on How He Uses the Power of Storytelling to Push for Change: For his whole philanthropic career, the eBay co-founder has harnessed compelling narrative to help inform and inspire a better future.

History of the Trapper Keeper: One of the defining 1980s childhood brands.

Google Timer: Google has a new fun tool built within their search. Now you can type specific search query into Google’s search box, and Google will create a timer for you right on the search results page.

Valve’s SteamOS: Built from the ground up as a gaming and entertainment system for the living system, users can expect “significant performance increases in graphics processing” as well as better audio performance and reduced input latency – giving media streaming set-top boxes a run for their money.

This City My Way: Marriott Australia’s This City My Way scheme is a teen concierge program that uses social networks such as Instagram and Kik to guide young adults around the city they’re visiting.


The Billboard Book Project: Fabricated from the billboard project announcing its publication, is a great piece of conceptual wizardry. It refers to itself in the natty text that Monk devised, invoking every last piece of technical detail constituting its manufacture.

Joseph Ford’s Photography Merges are a Thing of Magnificence: Just when we were getting used to editorial fashion shoots being filled with the refined bodies of models clad in expensive materials moodily shot, Brighton based photographer Joseph Ford appeared, throwing aerial landscape shots into the mix.

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