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Getting Offline is a conversation with the digital creative community in L.A. happening on August 8th, 2013

If it wasn’t for one more drink, there probably would not be an to write this post about, and that’s unfortunate because I wasn’t in the mood to have another.

We travel quite frequently to New York, most of our clients are based out there. Whether we’re discussing a new project over drinks or meeting up fellow creatives, the landscape of the city lends itself serendipitous run-ins. The line between outings and networking blurs as friends of friends inevitably become the meetings we take next time we’re in town.

The story of is similar, but few and far between. While catching up with an art director friend, I also happened to be sitting next to my future co-founder, Thomas Brodahl. It wasn’t until there was mutual recognition, an introduction was made and contact information exchanged.

Levi and I had been kicking around the idea of a meet-up for a few years, but it wasn’t until Thomas approached us with the concept of did we really have something to latch on to. What resonated, was the desire for creatives in digital to have a place to network, converse, and maybe replicate the good fortune that we experienced several weeks earlier.

For the moment, is an experiment and will be what we all make of it. We’d like thank everyone for their enthusiasm so far and look forward to seeing you all on Thursday evening.

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