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#Gamergate, Pixellated Money, and Saving the World

Take a look at some of the latest ideas, products, and visuals for the week of October 13th brought to you by our strategists, designers, and developers.

Why the Why the White House Is Using Emojis: The White House makes the switch from Gotham to Emoji in order to appeal to millennials.

What Is Gamergate, and Why? An Explainer for Non-Geeks: Why we should be concerned about this radical group of individuals.

Scientists Can Now Go To School To Learn How To Save The World: Caltech’s program focuses on innovation for global issues.

Final: The credit card for modern times.

IBM Watson Developer Cloud: A set of APIs for building applications and putting the famous Watson computer to work.

Tesla Model S P85D Dual Electric Motor Features Autopilot Technology: The new Tesla, incremental innovation designed for tedious journeys.

SWAT: An App To Keep Dirty Cops Honest: An app that streamlines the process to report police corruption or brutality.

Snøhetta’s designs for Norway’s new banknotes are a pixellated haven: Modern currency at its finest.

The State of Play—TIFF’s digiPlaySpace: Incredible installations for kids.

Manual: Material Design: The handbook for Google’s Material Design.

Jason Farrell is the CTO/Co-founder of Use All Five.
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