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Cloaking and Flying the World’s Fastest Plane

Take a look at some of the latest ideas, products, and visuals for the week of March 17 brought to you by our strategists, designers, and developers.

The Ways Online Design Writing And Criticism Has Changed: Even in the recent history of design discourse, the ebb and flow of this need drove key movements that still resonate today.

Jonathan Ive Designs Tomorrow: Apple’s design chief helped transform computing, phones and music. The company’s secrecy and Ive’s modesty mean he has never given an in-depth interview—until now.

Flying The World’s Fastest Plane: Spencer Hall interviews former SR-71 Blackbird pilot Rick McCrary about what it’s like to fly the world’s fastest plane.

Cloak: An app that scrapes Instagram and Foursquare to let you know where all your friends, “friends,” and nonfriends are at all times so you never have to run into that special someone.

Project Tango: A mobile device that maps environments through sensors which measure 3D space and use this data to create a 3D model of the space around you.

tUnE: An awesome little speech recognition grammar POC for Webkit using the Levenshtein distance algorithm.

Antonio Brasko’s Brandalism: The artist saw an opportunity to bridge the worlds of luxury and brands to street art with a new collectors series of branded spray cans.

Rare Photos Of Legendary 90s Musicians: Gilbert Blecken’s photos are a joyous bundle that encapsulates about 20 years of indie music, and are genuinely some of the most beautiful, candid photography from that time.

Ikea’s PS2014 Collection: Aimed at a growing number of young, creative city-dwellers faced with small living spaces and uncertain rental terms.

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