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Becoming A ‘Now-ist’ and Collaborative Self Portraits

Take a look at some of the latest ideas, products, and visuals for the week of November 10th brought to you by our strategists, designers, and developers.

Become A Now-ist: The head of the MIT Media Lab skips the future predictions and instead shares a new approach to creating in the moment: building quickly and improving constantly, without waiting for permission or for proof that you have the right idea.

The Case For Talking To Users In The Age Of Big Data: Good qualitative research doesn’t try to measure easily measured things. Sometimes it can offer a glimmer of things that can be measured in a projectable way.

Secrets Of The Creative Brain: A leading neuroscientist who has spent decades studying creativity shares her research on where genius comes from, whether it is dependent on high IQ—and why it is so often accompanied by mental illness.

Wearing Your Failures On Your Sleeve: Failure is emerging as a badge of honor among some Silicon Valley start-ups, as entrepreneurs publicly trumpet how they have faced adversity head-on.

Berlin’s Digital Exiles: Where Tech Activists Go To Escape The NSA: With its strict privacy laws, Germany is the refuge of choice for those hounded by the security services.

73,000 Private Security Cameras: A website has collected the streaming footage from thousands of IP cameras whose owners haven’t changed their default passwords. Is this about highlighting an important security problem, or profiting off creepy voyeurism—or both?

PeerSpace: Short-term access to a collection of unique work spaces that help you motivate and innovate.

Etsy Reader: A dongle for your phone or tablet that allows Etsy sellers to sell on Etsy in real life.

Melbourne’s Wave Pool: The CBD wave pool would produce 1-to-1.5-metre barrels in the middle of Victoria Harbour, with filtered saltwater drawn from the harbour and heated all year round.

Collaborative Self Portraits At ITP: The project aim was to create a series of self portraits that treat the body as a canvas for 3d drawing.

Acid Magazine: Dotted with cheeky emojis and digital motifs and falling happily into that dreamy halfway point between a handmade surfer zine and a chunky glossy bi-annual.

Stefan Sagmeister Reveals Vienna’s Design Secrets: Vienna right now manages to achieve a delightful equilibrium between the contemporary and the historic, between young pips and old farts.

Levi Brooks is the CEO/Co-founder of Use All Five.
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