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Authenticity as a Service and the Unknown Notebooks of Jean-Michel Basquiat

Take a look at some of the latest ideas, products, and visuals for the week of March 9th brought to you by our strategists, designers, and developers.


Authenticity As A Service: We still wallow in our own doubts about our own authenticity. Can the emerging regime of data collection and processing help resolve these doubts? Is the solution to authenticity more surveillance?

Are Music Subcultures Losing Their Definition?: Today, the music we listen to no longer dictates the clothes we wear. In our consumer-driven, social-media obsessed society musical subcultures are in danger of losing both their definition and their ability to challenge the status quo.

The Relationship Between Creativity and Dishonesty: The same habits of mind that allow us to create elaborate ideas turn out to also be responsible for enabling dishonesty and the subsequent rationalizations justifying our immoral behavior.

The Cost of Paying Attention: Attention is a resource; a person has only so much of it. And yet we’ve auctioned off more and more of our public space to private commercial interests, with their constant demands on us to look at the products on display or simply absorb some bit of corporate messaging.


Cuckoo: A communication device that uses social network as a means of private communication.

Henri: An interactive gizmo that makes it easier for designers to explore the ambient UIs of future gadgets.

Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1: Play any instrument, style, and sound with a single device that connects directly to your smartphone, tablet, or computer.


The Unknown Notebooks Of Jean-Michel Basquiat: Graffitist, painter, actor, poet: The late artist’s rarely seen personal writings and sketches are expressions of 1980s downtown New York, and, perhaps, of his truest vision.

DELETIA: A seventy-plus-page epic created on the web platform NewHive that includes, among other things, an original font produced by Goring named “Hell Lobster”—a mix of Helvetica and lobster.

Impertinent Collection: Armed with a sketchbook and a camera, our Abstract Sunday columnist stalked the halls of the Museum of Modern Art for a week this winter, using a lo-fi technique that allowed him to transform the museum’s masterpieces

Levi Brooks is the CEO/Co-founder of Use All Five.
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