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A Post-Human World Is Coming and Tense Relations

Take a look at some of the latest ideas, products, and visuals for the week of June 19th brought to you by our strategists, designers, and developers.


A Post-Human World Is Coming: Designers will play a crucial role in shaping our post-human future. Our lives may depend on it.

Tense Relations: Will machines have the “artistic sensitivity necessary for shared aesthetics”?

The Forrest Gump Of The Internet: Ev Williams became a billionaire by helping to create the free and open web. Now, he’s betting against it.

Robots As Good Listeners: Two studies conducted show that when humans share a personal story with robots that are responsive, they judge themselves more favorably and want to have the robots nearby in high-stress situations.


Google Fonts: The new Google Fonts makes it easier than ever to browse Google’s collection of open source designer fonts and learn more about the people who make them.

Malevich: AI that repaints photos in the style of your favorite artist

Indemand: A service that lets anyone create an ondemand business in minutes.


Shockwaves: A series of images that feels eerily quiet and stately, especially considering their naissance: each piece is the product of exploding clay using a home-made bomb device.

Christo’s Newest Project: Walking On Water: For 16 days, “The Floating Piers,” a saffron-colored walkway, will connect two small islands in a lake in Northern Italy to the mainland.

Soap And Milk: Designed as an interactive experience of data, allowing the observer to perceive social media as an overwhelming and organic figment.

Levi Brooks is the CEO/Co-founder of Use All Five.
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