Use All Five Squiggle Graphic

The Challenge Lab


Droga5 and Prudential partnered with professors from leading universities to create The Challenge Lab, a destination where people can understand their behavioral challenges and learn how to overcome them.

Use All Five made it a reality.

Through videos, experiments, expert articles and over 60 interactive pieces, the site breaks down five key challenges. It explains the science behind why we crave instant gratification. Why we put things off. Why we follow the herd. Why we misjudge risk. And the financial implications of living longer. The Challenge Lab is a platform where people who may not know anything about finance can understand something even more important: themselves.

Early in the conceptual process, we worked with Droga5 to mandate a responsive, device agnostic user experience. The platform and CMS had to support a variety of devices. With a mobile first approach, we were able to achieve a fluid experience across all devices. Working from a 960px grid with several key break points, we created an easy viewing experience on any screen size or browser.

Furthermore, we created a series of features that allow users to explore and learn. We leveraged Google Trends to create a dynamic chart illustrating the impulsive nature of buyers across the country. The educational tools we built for the website, like an interactive timeline, engage users while coaching them towards change.

Desktop design of Prudential homepage, featuring Daniel Gilbert
Mobile phone showcasing a simplified responsive design
’I'll do later’ quirky typography
iPad showing web design fitting to a smaller screen.
Showcasing mobile animated illustrations in slideshow
View of the timeline featuring swiffy SVG animations developed by Use All Five
`Have blonde hair` typographic statistic
`Play the drums` typographic design
`Have blue eyes` typographic design
Google maps locator design by Use All Five