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The Role of Pure Play and the Complexity of Costume

Take a look at some of the latest ideas, products, and visuals for the week of April 20th brought to you by our strategists, designers, and developers.


A Surrealist Second Life Designer On The Role Of Pure Play: Hopes & Fears talked to Second Life fashion innovator Elif Ayiter about seeking refuge in her own fantastical cyberspace.

How Capitalism Created ‘Cool’: Two Caltech brain researchers discuss why vintage T-shirts and Beats By Dre headphones make us feel so, well, cool.

Is Capitalism Making Us Stupid?: Our limited ability to concentrate is being sapped by mind-viruses that under the competitive pressures of profit-maximization are rapidly becoming more and more effective.

The State Of Messaging And Mobile Platforms: Smartphones ended the mainstream internet experience with a web browser, mouse and keyboard, but we haven’t settled on a new model, and the idea we’ll all revert back to the comfortable, simple model of the web seems increasingly remote.


Fitcoin: An app that rewards the physically active with digital crypto-equity.

Crystal: A new service that analyzes publicly-available data sources to come up with personality profiles for coworkers and friends, and then recommends ways to communicate with them.

Flatland: A modern edition of the 19th century classic, with a digital library of shapes and dimensions.

Streamalong: A web app to discover the best streaming content on Periscope.


The Complexity Of Costume: What’s in a red jacket? A white dress? We explore the hidden meanings in fashion on film

Ultra-Realistic Carpets: Classical Persian carpets are like the 8-bit graphics of the 90’s when compared to the new carpet series from Dutch design studio Moooi, which are basically full HD movies.

The Legendary Story Behind Ferrari’s Logo: The origin story of the prancing stallion comes from an even more impressive background.

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