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Teaching Robots Good Taste and Being Honest with Our Phones

Take a look at some of the latest ideas, products, and visuals for the week of March 28th brought to you by our strategists, designers, and developers.


Teaching Robots Good Taste: Can software have good taste? Until recently, the idea that a few—or even many—lines of code could predict the music you’ll like even before you’ve heard it seemed impossible.

We’re More Honest With Our Phones Than With Our Doctors: Researchers are leaping at the chance to work with the oceans of data we are generating, hoping that within them might be the answers to questions medicine has overlooked or ignored.

How My Art Degree Has Made Me A Better Tech CEO: As one tech leader sees it, the Information Age favors artists “because they can create amid disorder.”

The Future Of Twitter: An in-depth conversation on 10 years of tweeting, the importance of live media, and “the puddle.”


OLO: The first smartphone-powered 3D printer.

Alfie: A social robot created to help elderly users stay independent and engaged. Sensors monitor plants and send alerts when they need care


Figures: True architects since the early centuries used human figures not only to describe the quantity and the quality of the environment but also for deeper purposes of study and expression.

Re-Ball: An international design competition and exhibition starring hundreds of thousands of plastic balls from the National Building Museum’s summer 2015 blockbuster installation “The Beach”.

Spring Comes: Oko Ebombo is the Dazed 100 contender fronting 19, a band intent on performing a week after the terrorist attacks in Paris to celebrate the city

Levi Brooks is the CEO/Co-founder of Use All Five.
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