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An Inside Look at Our Secret Weapon – The Development Suite Toolbox

I’m a firm believer in open source. In addition to using many open-source libraries, we also write a ton of unique code.

When you’re doing this sort of thing for a while, you’ll find that problems that seem new really are just variations of something you’ve encountered in the past. We found ourselves copying and pasting, installing the same dependences, and setting libraries up the same way each time.

I thought ->

So I decided we should create a shared knowledge bank with the team. I created a repository called Suite, in which any snippet too small for its own repository would go.

This repo is architected to use with Angular — which I firmly believe is the best framework for the types of projects we do at Use All Five. When Angular 2 arrives, we’ll definitely update accordingly.

Here’s a look of what’s currently in the Suite:


– Adds a “ ” between the last two words in text to prevent an orphan from occurring.

– Sets up a boilerplate Slick carousel

– Equalize the height of elements


-Allows one to pass HTML that is normally not trusted (like an iFrame) to the template.


– Creates a three.js Scene and Camera
– Hooks for mouse over and mouse out on any object
– Provides common functionality for resize(), startRender(), stopRender(), destroy()

– Check the type of browser being used

– Plot lat/lon into 2D space (currently only for USA)

– Lock and unlock browser scroll on the window w/o hiding / showing the scrollbars. Also works on touch devices.

– Update the metadata for any state change

Still wasting time on any of this kind of functionality? Check out the full library and code examples here:

Jason Farrell is the CTO/Co-founder of Use All Five.
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